Is Wikipedia reliable?

A question that has been going on for ages….

Is Wikipedia reliable?

I say….


Wikipedia is based on reliable websites, and people have to cite their sources, and then people read the Wikipedia page in case there is some problems with the info they put in.

Wikipedia is also a good place to get sites on your topic. Search knitting on Wikipedia and then on the bottom of the page, there is several, and in some cases, hundreds of sites and newspapers and blogs of info you need. (Check Ronald Reagan. he has 444 references, and at least twenty books with info on him)

There is even a article on Wikipedia about the reliability of Wikipedia.

Just something on my mind.

Stardew valley

Stardew valley is probably my favorite game of all time.

I love it! It looks like a farming game, and it is, but really, it’s about becoming part of the community. If you give people gifts (not real people, just computers) , and do other stuff for them, you get to be friends with them. The music is really wonderful and the creators probably spent a lot of time on it. Even though it’s pixelated, the graphics are great.  Unlike other games, I have never experienced a single glitch on this game. If you have a Microsoft laptop or a game console, I highly recommend you play this.

PS The pic above is NOT my game. I am not a man in my game.

PPS aaauuuuuu look at the little chick it’s so cuuuuuuuute!

PPPS A multiplayer Stardew valley is coming out I can’t wait!!!!!


I didn’t notice that the pictures were sideways! I was doing this on a phone so they were right side up! Sorry. 😳

Ready player one

A few days ago I had watched ready player one.

I was soooooo excited as the book was amazing!!!! But the movie is horrible compared to it😭. I guess if I had not read the book it would have been amazing. I highly recommend the book. It is sooooooo much fun to read!!!!