I’m a total bookworm.

I once had a person say to me that I don’t read books, I devour them.

True dat.

I can read most several week-ers in two hours, tops.

I read harry potter in 2nd grade.

Here is a list of my favorite books-

  1. Harry potter- very good book. Not the best though.
  2. Hunger games- full of action
  3. Twilight- I’m waaaaaaaaaay to young to read this but yeah
  4. Ready player one- BEST BOOK EVAAAAAAAAAA
  5. Frankenstein. Yes. I have read it back to back.
  6. Lord of the flys- interesting title
  7. Matilda- waaaaaay too old for this but yeah
  8. Wonder- great book
  9. Out of my mind- Another great book
  10. Wrinkle in time- 1000x better than the movie

PS, I know how to spell that and ever but WHY NOT?



I didn’t notice that the pictures were sideways! I was doing this on a phone so they were right side up! Sorry. 😳