My Day Today (Cuz I have nothing else to talk about)

Okay. Today, obviously, I went to school, and in first period I went to choir, and did a quiz on The Phantom of the Opera (Which is a AMAZING movie) and worked on singing stuff. My second period is home ec, (Or mec? Its confusing because the m in home makes it sound like mec) which we made cookies & cream fudge, which we will eat tomorrow, and in third period, we went to the library and presented our book reports, in forth period (math)  we did some tests, (BOOOORIIIIING)  in fifth period, I accidentally went to sixth period, (because I’m like that) and girl came up to me and said some guy wanted to go out with me but then I was panicking because I was in the wrong classroom and the right classroom was a floor above me at the other side of the school, so I ran out and the bell rang and a ran as fast as I could and I wasn’t tardy. In fifth period (careers) we asked questions to these police officers, in sixth    (history) period we graded papers, and finally, in seventh, (science) we took tests. And now I’m home chillin (insert pun here) and blogging because someone actually legit commented on one of my posts.

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